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Adopted Amendments on January 23, 2008
To July 2, 2003 BY LAWS

Article 1 (Name)
A. This organization shall be known as Barnegat Girls Softball League.
B. It is a non-profit organization.

Article 2 (Objective)
A. To promote and organize the game of softball.
B. To encourage the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.
C. To organize teams for the welfare and physical fitness of children in Barnegat Township and surrounding areas.

Article 3 (Membership)
A. Voting Members:
(a) Shall be 18 years of age or over and must be a Barnegat resident.
(b) Board members, coaches and parents must be a dues paying member to vote.
(c) Dues are $5.00 per year, due at November’s meeting.
(d) Each voting member shall have one and only one vote.
(e) Members must attend at least nine (9) league meetings before voting for election of officers in the yearly election meeting. (January-December)
(f) A sign-in sheet is to be kept at each league meeting and submitted to the secretary.
(g) The League’s fiscal year will run November 1 st to October 31 st .

Article 4 (Officers or the Executive Board)
A. The chain of command of the league shall be:
(a) President
(b) Vice President
(c) Secretary
(d) Treasurer
(e) Registrar
(f) Quartermaster
(g) Head Coach
B. Qualifications:
(a) Must be a voting member and have attended twelve (12) league meetings within the last twelve months including executive meetings.
(b) Any officer who resigns for any reason cannot run for any office until one (1) fiscal year is completed. Exceptions can be made with a two-thirds vote of the Officers.
(c) If an officer has not met the qualification, the Board Members will meet and decide what should be done.
C. Resignations of Officers:
(a) Upon Resignation of a board member, by death, resignation or other words, the vacancy will be filled as follows:
(b) The members of the board have first right for the position by order of Article 4A.
(c) If no board members wish to fulfill the vacancy it may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining officers at a regular meeting or at any special meeting called for that purpose. This person will fill this position until the next regular election.
(d) Appointee must be a member in good standing.
(e) Nominations will be accepted and voted on at the regular meetings for elections.

Article 5 (Duties of Officers)
A. President:
(a) Shall preside at all meetings of this League.
(b) Shall vote only when necessary to break a voting deadlock.
(c) Is empowered to co-sign all League checks.
(d) Will chair the Nominating Committee to be formed two (2) months prior to election. Candidates for office will be read at the following meeting and the election meeting.
B. Vice-President:
(a) Shall perform all duties in the absence of the President.
(b) Is empowered to co-sign league checks.
(c) Will chair the annual awards ceremony.
(d) Will chair the Field Usage.
(e) Will be the designated town liaison, and assure that issues such as insurance and stipends are administered properly.
C. Secretary:
(a) Shall keep an accurate account of all League meetings.
(b) Shall maintain the attendance roster.
(c) Shall attend to all correspondence and minutes of the League meetings and turn copy over to the President and Vice President.
(d) Shall read all correspondence at League meetings.
(e) Will approve, with at least one other board member, all correspondence sent to league members, town officials, etc.
(f) Will chair Scholarship.
(g) Will keep order at all League meeting and events.
(h) Will facilitate the tempo of all meeting.
D. Treasurer:
(a) Shall collect and deposit all monies into the approved bank of this Organization.
(b) Has the authority to co-sign with the Vice-President or President all checks for the benefit of the League.
(c) Monthly Treasurer’s report to be read at League meetings.
(d) Present yearly accountant’s report at election meeting.
(e) The Treasurer’s authorized signature shall appear on all Organization’s checks.
(f) Will approve, with one other board member, all purchases over $100 prior to their being ordered.
(g) Will maintain any credit cards obtained by the league and administer their use to appropriate members.
(h) Will chair Concession Stand Committee.
E. Registrar:
(a) Shall keep and maintain accurate records of all children registered in the Barnegat Girls Softball League.
(b) Schedule and co-ordinate registration dates.
(c) Maintain records of all girls’ registration information and assure that registrations are complete. Give copies and/ or information of all registrations to the President and Vice Presidents.
F. Quartermaster:
(a) Be responsible for all League equipment purchases and properties.
(b) Will keep an up-to-date inventory of same at all times.
(c) Will keep an up-to-date list of items needed on a yearly basis and an approximate cost of the items for use in yearly Budgeting.
(d) Shall be responsible for recovery of all equipment from coaches and teams.
(e) Seasonal report of equipment status to be presented at an open meeting.
(f) Will be responsible to work with the treasure and the fundraising committee to set prices for all equipment resale and sale administration.
G. Head-Coach:
(a) Will keep record of team Standings
(b) Will chair the All-Star.
(c) Will work with the Scheduling Committee to set-up games and playoff games, rain dates, and umpires.
(d) Will schedule umpires for all Majors and Seniors’ games.
(e) Will keep phone and website person updated on all schedules and rain dates.

Article 6 (Term of Office)
A. Terms of office for all officers shall be for twenty-four (24) months.
B. The Vice President will automatically fill vacancy for President, in the event the President cannot complete term.
C. The election of all officers shall take place in November’s meeting.

Article 7 (Meetings)
A. Annual meeting held in November for election of officers.
B. Parliamentary Procedure shall govern, the League in all cases where applicable. (Roberts Rules of Order)
C. A quorum shall consist of at least three (3) board members, and must total three (3) voting Members. (non Board Members)
D. General Membership meetings will be the 2 nd Wednesday of each month, from July -December, and the 2 nd and 4 th Wednesday of each month, from January - June.
E. Executive Board Meetings will be held the 4 th Wednesday of each month September – May.
F. A time limit of one (1) hour from August to March 7:00-8:00PM, and from April to July 8:00-9:00PM, not to exceed two (2) hours for league meetings.

Article 8 (Committees)
A. The President shall appoint all committee Chairperson.
B. Chairperson shall pick their own committee members.
C. Committees shall present ideas and information to executive board for approval.
D. Chairperson shall give oral reports at league meetings.

Article 9 (Rules and Regulations)
A. The rules and regulations governing the League, promotion, and management of the league shall be those prescribed and voted on by voting membership at all league meetings.
B. The Executive Board reserves the right to institute any rules or regulations necessary in an Emergency situation with two thirds executive Board approval.

Article 10 (Order of Business)
A. The order of business for each meeting of this League shall be as follows:
(a) Roll call and sign-in sheets
(b) Readings and approval of minutes
(c) Treasurer’s report
(d) Reading of communications
(e) President’s report
(f) Vice President’s Report
(g) Committee Reports
(h) Unfinished business
(i) New business
(j) Public Comment
(k) Adjournment

Article 11 (Amendments)
A. Amendments to the By-Laws may be proposed at general meeting and voted on at the next general meeting. A two-thirds majority of the voting members shall be required for any amendments.

Article 12 (Teams)
A. Coaches
(a) The board will select coaches.
(b) Selection of coaches – criteria to include but not limited to:
(1) Coaching experience and a training course. (Course to be determined by board)
(2) Coaches’ history with league.
(3) Availability to attend practices, games and meetings.
(4) Must have a positive attitude and behavior towards children.
(5) Coaches must possess leadership ability and the know-how to work with children. Teamwork, good sportsmanship and discipline are attainable goals.
(6) Coaches must attend a minimum of six (6) league meetings but not limited to. (Exceptions to this rule will be made on a case-by-case basis.)
(7) Volunteers in the Softball League DO NOT HAVE TENURE, regardless of the years of service. In order to serve as a coach or assistant coach, you must be appointed and approved by the executive board annually.
(8) Coaches will be subject to background checks.
(9) Coach shall coach only one (1) team except in extreme hardship, subject to two-thirds board approval.
(10) Assistant coaches and managers will be selected and approved by the board.
(11) The board reserves the right to remove a coach and/or assistant coach for just and sufficient cause. The removal will only follow an interview between the coach, team parents and either the disciplinary committee or the board members and can be made only by two-thirds majority vote of board members. The coaches’ and/or parents’ failure to appear at said interview to which they had been sufficiently notified and invited, will be considered to waive that prerequisite to a removal vote.
(12) Coaches are to call the head coach for all questions and forfeited. All records of the games must be given to the head coach by the end of the week. (Friday)
B. Players
(a) Recreation players must only play in their proper age bracket, except:
(1) If no team exists in that player’s bracket, the player is eligible to try out for next older available bracket.
(b) Every registered player must participate in one major fundraiser a year or make monetary compensation equal to the profit realized by the league.
(c) Major division pitchers are limited to pitch 3 innings per game and Senior division pitchers are limited to pitch 4 innings per game.
C. Uniforms
(a) All uniform purchases are subject to prior approval of the board.
(b) All players must wear T-Shirt and pants supplied by the league to every game. Pants may be substituted with black shorts over black compression sliders only. If player does not wear league uniform, girl will not play in game.
D. Concession Stand
(a) Every parent must pay $20.00 for a bond. Bond will be returned if parent works their scheduled ½ game.
(b) Parents that fulfill their obligation and work the concession stand may show up to any meeting after obligation is met and will receive bond refund when regular meeting is over, any bond refund not issued by October 31 st of the fiscal year will be considered a donation.

Article 13 (Committees)
A. Committees will be as follows with duties as listed:
(a) Nominating Committee (Chaired by – President)
(1) Collect all willing nominee information
(2) Present all eligible nominees to the league for voting
(3) Facilitate and oversee league elections
(b) Awards Committee (Chaired by – Vice-President)
(1) Purchase any and all awards for the players and or coaches
(2) Schedule what ever form of ceremony the league has chosen for any given year.
(3) Facilitate and oversee the ceremony
(c) Field Usage Committee (chaired by Vice-President)
(1) Facilitate and administer appropriate paper work to use any and all fields available to us.
(2) Co-ordinate with Scheduler regarding filed availability and schedules.
(3) Co-Ordinate with coaches for practice schedules.
(d) Scholarship Committee (chaired by – Secretary)
(1) Facilitate and administer scholarship applications
(2) Collect and review all applications
(3) Present all eligible application to the league by April’s meeting for approval and a vote.
(4) Make modifications to application process when needed
(e) Concession Stand Committee (Chaired by – Treasurer)
(1) Collect all team concession stand schedules
(2) Assign coach weeks for concession stand duty
(3) Oversee concession stand sales and purchases
(4) Assure and oversee the return of Bonds
(f) Membership Committee (Chaired by – Secretary)
(1) Will track and maintain all membership records
(2) Will assure membership is paid in a timely fashion.
(g) All-Star Committee (Chaired by – Head-Coach)
(1) Oversee and facilitate the formation of each All-Star team
(2) Schedule practices and any games
(3) Nominate all-star coaches to the board for approval.
(4) Administer and collect all player contracts.
(h) Fundraising Committee
(1) Purchase all fundraising items.
(2) Administer fundraising items to each player
(3) Assure collection of all fundraising monies.
(4) Keep records of fundraising items and stock on hand
(5) Schedule any fundraising functions
(6) Must attend all registrations
(i) Field Maintenance Committee
(1) Will work with the Quartermaster regarding any equipment needs for the field.
(2) Will schedule and oversee "Field Day"
(3) Will periodically check the field(s) for damage or needed repairs.
(j) Sponsorship Committee
(1) Facilitate and administer sponsorship applications
(2) Assure all Sponsor signs are ordered and hung at field(s)
(3) Assure that all Family Signs are ordered and hung at field(s)
(k) Uniform Committee
(1) Will be responsible for ordering all team uniform shirts and visors
(2) Will work with Sponsorship committee to assure proper spelling and lettering of team sponsor names on uniforms
(3) Will attend all Registrations to assist with sizing issues and further uniform ordering questions
(4) Will work with Quartermaster in ordering additional uniform items as needed.
(5) Will keep records of all player uniform orders and be responsible for assuring there delivery.

Article 14 (Travel teams)
A. Teams –
(a) Will follow the rules and guidance of the League.
(b) Will be members of the league.
(c) Will have the funding (~$400) for at least one tournament per year, per division, paid by the league; additional funding may be available at the discretion of the league.
(d) Will consist of no less then 11 members and no more the 18 members per team.
B. Players –
(a) Travel teams will be selected by coaches after tryouts.
(b) All players will be required to sign commitment forms.
(c) All players must also play on a Barnegat Girls Softball recreation league team.
(d) No player may play for another travel team while playing for Barnegat.
(e) Each player will pay a non-fundable registration fee of $250.00. This will pay for 1 season of recreation and 1 season of travel ball.
(f) Players are required to find their own transportation to and from all team functions.
(g) Players must play a minimum of 3 regular season Barnegat Girls Softball League recreation games to be eligible to play in the Barnegat Girls Softball League playoffs and tournaments (NO EXCEPTIONS). Girls play time is not guaranteed.
C. Coaches –
(a) Travel coaches will be subject to Article 12A.
(b) Travel coaches will be responsible for any funds not collected from players for tournaments by the end of the league fiscal year.
D. Equipment –
(a) Each team will be supplied with an equipment bag prior to each tournament.
(b) Each team is responsible for returning the equipment at the tournaments end.
(c) Practice equipment will be maintained at the Water St. Equipment shed.
E. Uniforms –
(a) Each player will be supplied with a uniform
(b) Each player is responsible for supplying their own glove, cleats, sliding pants and knee pads.
F. Fund Raisers –
(a) All teams' fund raisers require prior board approval with notification back to the team within forty eight (48) hours.
(b) Monies raised are to be placed in club field account under that team's name.
(c) Field account money will be dispersed by Club Treasurer.
(d) Any team is eligible for can shakes, with a maximum of two (2) (per roster year) with a maximum of two (2) locations per day.

Article 15 (Funding)
G. Upon dissolution of this League all funds will be donated to the Barnegat Recreation Department.

Revised January 23, 2008